Yahoo – Trail of Tiles

In keeping with the company’s reputation as a cutting edge innovator, Yahoo! wanted to offer a unique interactive experience at their corporate headquarters in the Silicon Valley. Brandfirst rose to the challenge and created an entirely new type of user experience to showcase their wide range of online services. Each of these interactive tiles represents one of the brand’s services, including Finance, Sport, News or Shine (horoscopes).

As someone passes by, the tiles shift out of the Y! logo shape and mimic the user’s movements. The tiles then respond to hand gestures and body movements, allowing them to be moved around, piled up and pushed off-screen.

  • Gesture
  • Video Wall
  • Web

“ Most anthropologists would agree that the first sign of intelligence in our species was the creation and use of tools to interact with our environment. From the sharp rock to the computer mouse our species has always relied on a medium for interaction. It took 20,000 years but thanks to Brandfirst and Tronic, a new age of interactivity has dawned. ”

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  • The experience gathered a strong success from the day it was released and drew the attention of the international press. On an average of 40 visitors per day during its 3-year lifetime, more than 10 000 people got to try out Yahoo’s high-flying web features but this time, thanks to our gesture recognition technology.
  • On a technical standpoint, the concept was conceived through an exhaustive partnership between Brandfirst, the graphics card manufacturer AMD and the gesture recognition leader SoftKinectic.


Brandfirst wins at the Digital Out Of Home Awards

Fun Facts

0Tiles designed

And integrated in our software for the greatest visual delight of our users.

0hours of montage

Installing and configuring the hardware in Yahoo HQ, Sunnyvale.

0NFL results consulted

Through our app during the first 6 months. Most of them happily so.

0cups of coffee per day

Drunk (or spilled) by developers on an average daily basis to conceive the software.