TLC Handprint

TCL, proud sponsor of the Chinese Theater, chose Brandfirst for its brand activation at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. We designed a virtual “Handprint Ceremony” based on infrared light and rear-projection technologies, we measured the depth and shape of people’s inner palms and virtually engrave their imprints in colored flagstones. Social sharing features enabled visitor to post their imprints on Facebook or sent them by email.

  • Image Analysis
  • Mobile
  • Video Wall
  • Web

“ We have already collaborated with Brandfirst a bunch of times on projects such as the smile app or the color tower. One thing is certain, they never cease to surprise us with imaginative experiences. ”

Marcus Zhang - Overseas Marketing Director at TCL

Fun Facts

0Aggregated amount of hands printed

If not virtually, the Chinese Theater should have expanded their inner courtyard by a healthy 10 000m2.

0Languages recorded

To allow people from all over the world to partake in the experience.

0Max percentage of a drawn handprint

Either the user was a relative of Bigfoot, either (s)he was an over-inspired artist.

0Different alphabets virtually spotted

With probably a handful of others escaping our monitoring.

TCL Handprint
TCL Handprint
TCL Handprint
TCL Handprint
TCL Handprint
TCL Handprint