TCL Smile

An interactive smile application based on the facial recognition technology was designed for the TCL Chinese Theatre, the world famous venue in Hollywood, inviting visitors to set off the biggest possible smile in a unique photographic experience.

A colorful smiley appears in augmented reality next to the users’ faces, recognizing the intensity of their happiness. People need to smile to a specific point, and when the device finds the right moment, the pictures are taken and sent to a giant mosaic of screens nearby. This allows users to share their photos on social medias instantly or through our custom-made applications.


  • AR
  • Facial Recognition
  • RFID, NFC, Beacons

“ The entertaining nature of the smile application made the experience a must-have for our tradeshows and the Chinese Theater we sponsor in Los Angeles. TCL is proud to associate its image to an amusing and technology-driven contest like this one. ”

Thomas Yuan - Overseas Marketing Director at TCL


The project gathered a wide acclaim and hence was developed in three additional locations in the US and China. Since its inception, around 45 thousand people discovered the TCL Smile and more than 15 thousand shared their experience on social medias.

Fun Facts

0Screens structure shaped originally

Instead of using the classical videowall approach, our creative engineers went rogue on this one.

0People forced to "genuinely" smile

We like to see ourselves as harbinger of joy and happiness. Please don't have us face our deluded reality.

0Max amount of people on a single pic

None dared to expect a picture so jam-packed in the developer team.

0Visitors not awarding us of their smile

Some people prefer a grumpy day it appears.

TCL Smile
TCL Smile
TCL Smile
TCL Smile