GDF Suez Electrabel – Hit the Stars

As part of Electrabel’s ‘You have the Energy’ campaign, Belgium’s national energy provider was looking for a way to rejuvenate its brand image. For its Christmas advertising campaign, Brandfirst designed an interactive night skyline made out of 42 screens (full HD 87.000.000 pixels), which gave birth to a 15 meters-long playground, simultaneously along three different lanes. The interactive concept allowed passers-by to interact with shooting stars, modifying their course and velocity. On top of that, people saw their colored silhouette on the screen which contributed to enhance the immersion even more.

  • Gesture
  • Video Wall

Fun Facts

0Shooting stars in the sky on average

Coming from a gloomy zero, chances to spot this unusual phenomenon was dramatically increased in Brussels airport.

0m2 of videowall covered

Offering visitors a starry animation they won't forget.

0Silhouettes spotted by the software

A large amount of people on our 13m-long skyline.

0x 10^2 Pixels screen

Beating any of our previous company record (though it has been beaten since).

GDF Suez Electrabel
GDF Suez Electrabel
GDF Suez Electrabel
GDF Suez Electrabel