European Commission

The European Commission sought Brandfirst’s help to design an interactive event representing the main challenge of the institution: finding compromises between its members. In that light, we developed a software where every single person attending the event could voice their opinion thanks to a couple of colored glow sticks. With our color recognition technology, we conceived an interactive polling system where a jogger followed his path in a 3D virtual world in function of the crowd’s aggregated answers, allowing the Commission to gather valuable insights in the process.

  • Image Analysis
  • Projection


The event was repeated multiple times, sensibilizing thousands of people to the issues faced by the European Union.

Fun Facts

0Questions proposed to the audience

Where only a handful had their answer determined correctly.

0Glowsticks offered to the public

One red and one yellow for each courageous candidate ready to bravely face our interactive quiz.

0Meters run by the virtual jogger

While the audience was comfortably seated. There won't be any surprises when the machine will rise against us.

0Sessions of interactive quiz

Organized by the European Commission until they gave up, deciding to drastically increase spending on education.

European Commission
European Commission
European Commission
European Commission