10/17 : In partnership with D-side Event, Brandfirst Designs Interactive Exhibit for Google

In partnership with D-Side Group, Brandfirst designed and produced an interactive quiz on a large vertical touch screen, to raise awareness on cybersecurity.

With ever-growing dangers on the cyberspace, Google launched an awareness campaign in their Brussels office to tackle the issue in partnership with Test-Achats. On top of integrating some explanatory videos to grasp the threats represented by a careless behaviour and the safest measures to take in order to prevent any potential incident in the future.

Some important points were covered such as how to shop online, log in with Facebook on third party websites, transferring money while travelling or posting on social media platforms. At the end of the quiz, a score is displayed to rank the player among his (her) peers and further information is proposed to address his (her) shortcomings.

On a more technical note, an automatic reporting tool continuously sends usage statistics to Google to help the company gather data on the matter as well as demographics.


GoogleMundaneum 2018-01-11 15-35-11-54



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